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Twinned Rainbow

“Geetam Vadyam Nrithyam Trayam Sangeetam Uchyatey”

Indian dance is very unique in that, it is highly spiritual in nature. Another important term related to the colors of the rainbow is Divine Colors. Like the seven rainbow colors, there are seven Divine colors. Some gifted people with ‘sight’ do not just see the refracted light in the rainbow colors but another metaphysical system which they believe to be Angels sent to Earth to guide us. These are actually similar to the concept of Chakra and Aura colors.

The concept focuses on how the colours of a rainbow represent the sanctity and sacredness of emotions. Each colour of the rainbow has a specific meaning and each of these works to create the beautiful bond of a relationship and we are going to highlight this aspect through our dances. The seven colours present Kathak in all this range, richness and innovation. This flexible presentation involves a varying number of dancers and compositions. The choreography sought to delve into the forms of Kathak and re-emerged with movements that were startlingly modern and experimental.

Concept & choreography : Anita Ordia
Costumes : Dhani Jhankal
Lights : Gagan Mishra
Group Size : 6

Supported by
Ministry of Culture , Government of India

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