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Kinkini folk Group

Performers of Desert
Rajasthan is culturally rich and has extensive tradition in art and culture, which reflects the Rajasthani way of life. The dance, music have been watchfully cultivated and patronized by the erstwhile courts. An equally rich and varied folk culture from villages is both fascinating & mesmerizing.

Rajasthani music is respected by the world over for its emotion and unparalleled rhythmic speed and complexity, evoking a trance like state for the audience and performers alike.

Who are we?
Kinkini Art is an Initiative to collaborate with various folk performing artists of Rajasthan. The organization has a vision and mission to ensemble the top class folk performing art genres to showcase their talent at national and international platforms.

Kinkini has performed in all the major dance festivals of India and abroad thus Kinkini folk group is known today as The Cultural Ambassador of Rajasthan

Kinkini's folk artists are collective of consummate and spirited musicians, vocalists and dancers from the princely state of Rajasthan.

What we do?
Kinkini artists have embarked on a rapturous journey with love, peace and honour at the centre of their rhythmic message. They are passionate and haunting, the legendary on stage stamina combined with a sweeping scales and vocals, a traditional folk dancer and stunts by the various Bhavai dances for a truly unforgettable experience.

Kinkini group consist of world class musicians, performing a diverse repertoire of traditional, spiritual and life-affirming Rajasthani folk music and Sufi compositions enriched by world folklore.

Through the dance and music the artists of Kinkini take the spectators on a journey through the floating, thundering and humming winds over the beautiful sand dunes of Thar and the glorious hills of Aravali.

It is an esthetic experience to watch the Kinkini artists in action on stage.

What we perform


  • kalbeliya Dance
  • Goomar dance
  • Kachi Gohri
  • Chari Nartya
  • Fire Dance
  • Tehrataali,
  • Matki
  • Chakri,
  • Wheel dance,
  • Bhavai
  • Dhwja
  • Gramin Bhavi
  • Glass Bhavi and many more.
Folk music (Instrumental)
  • Jugal bandi of some traditional musical instruments
  • Morchang(Idiophone)
  • Khadtaal ( two wooden pieces held in each palm, that's all)
  • Algoza(dubble flute)
  • Kamaicha(String instrument)
  • Sapera pungi
Rajasthani Songs & Sufi songs
Ttraditional Langa & Mangniyar singers will sing some famous Rajasthani and Sufi songs, like Neembudo,Lahario etc .Also they will Hindi films songs and qwallis on public demand

Folk dance & music performance available for
Dance festivals, Corporate Events, Weddings, Campus Events, Religious Functions and Charity Events.

The Performing Group does both national and international tours. Kinkini can also create custom made performances to match any occasion or event.