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Kathak Ki Kahani

The choreography is sought to delve into the forms of Kathak and re-emerged with movements that were startlingly modern and experimental. It is almost as if the essence of the form is extracted and blended with the flexibility of ballet to arrive at movements that are graceful and evocative at the same time.

Along with that we have a beautiful amalgamation of devotional dace done in kathak style where the dancers dedicate themselves the almighty adding a touch of the 21st century with experimental kathak dance. This dance form comes out beautifully not only in the visual stance but also in the entertain one, The fusion between the authentic classical dances and the modern world contemporary dances forms an interesting aura and takes the programme to a different crescendo.

This performance will show the step ladder as to where Kathak originally began and its evolution till now into the 21st century such as bhakti, mughal, Sufi and now contemporary Kathak. So here's presenting a Kinkini production kathak Ki kahani- aspects of Kathak directed by Anita Ordia, disciple of the great Padam Vibhushan pt. Birju Maharaj ji.

The programme is entertaining and very much appeal to the common audience as they also sway along with the dancers.