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Disha. This project deals with the social evils that the world faces today like women abuse, child abuse, child labour, castism racism etc. The project tries to show case the idea that peace and love co exist. Hatred might be present in abundant numbers but it cannot over rule the power that love and peace has. Women are an integral part of the society. Women give birth to us and are the foundation pillar of every family.

This beautiful concept of peace and love will be presented in kathak in contemporary dance styles, supported by various presentations and melodious tunes. With this production important social messages are put out through dance in such a way that it will touch people’s soul and immediately create an atmosphere of empathy and compassion.

through Disha we does not only aim at promoting the dance but also aims at making people aware and drawing their attention to various social evils that exist today and brings forth a plea to begin the change in one’s own way of thinking and the domino effect will follow in this world. Disha is a project that will install the long lost love and peace back into everyone’s lives.

Concept and Choreography : Dhani Jhankal
Costumes : Dhani Jhankal, Anita Ordia
Make up : Ravi Banka
Light & sound : Gagan Mishra
Set & properties : Abhishek Jhankal
Group Size : 15

Supported by
Ministry of Culture , Government of India

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