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A woman Beyond

A woman Beyond is a Kathak dance production based on the emotional journey of a women in the present day world. It is an ensemble of nine intense contracting phases of a woman in her quest of her love from union to separation, seduction to surrender.

The Ashta-Nayika is a collective name for eight types of nayikas or heroines as classified by Bharata in his Sanskrit treatise on performing arts - Natya Shastra. The eight nayikas represent eight different states (avastha) in relationship to her hero or nayaka. As archetypal states of the romantic heroine, it has been used as theme in Indian painting, literature, sculpture as well as Indian classical dance.

Concept & choreography : Anita Ordia
Costumes : Dhani Jhankal
Lights : Gagan Mishra
Group Size : 6

Supported by
Ministry of Culture , Government of India

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