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Laya parikrama

A Dance production based on rhythmic cycle of laya and taal according to Natya Shastra. The form and technique of Kathak is divided into two distinct of NRITTA (bstract) and NRITYA (Narrative) . In Nritta emphasis on physical movements and rhythmic beats of the feets, pirouettes and striking poses. The choreography sought to delve into the forms of Kathak and re-emerged with movements that were startlingly modern and experimental. It is almost as if the essence of the form is extracted and blended with the flexibility of ballet to arrive at movements that are graceful and evocative at the same time. The dancers glided, danced, pirouetted, leaped and made earth bound movements with ease that comes out of dedicated years of practice Alacrity was the key word. a source of aesthetic joy unique , collaborative work of group of talented dancers.

Group Size – 6
Duration: - 90 Minutes