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Health and Safety

Kinkini strives to maintain a clean and hygienic campus to ensure the health and safety of the members of its community. In case of a minor accident, injury or minor illness, a first-aid kit and over-the-counter medication is available for anyone who may need them. There are a number of first-rate hospitals with world-class medical services in the area for students who need to see a doctor or need urgent medical attention. The academy aids all students in case of an illness or emergency by providing transportation to and from the doctor or hospital, and a companion to the student for any assistance.

Students are advised to read up on any ongoing viruses or epidemics that may be affecting this region of the world in order to take any required precautions. International students are also advised to read up on material to be informed about any vaccinations they might need. Embassies and organizations in the west often go over the top in recommending vaccinations, many of which are unnecessary. However, vaccines against Typhoid and Hepatitis-A are recommended. Anti Malaria pills (which may be prescribed by a local physician in India) and anti-bite lotion are recommended.