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Kathak academy Folk dances of Rajasthan derived from various folk art cultures. Vibrant, vigorous and graceful, the dances of Rajasthan evoke the desert in all moods. The folk dances found in limitless variations in Rajastha, punctuate Rajasthan's barrenness, turning the land into fertile basin of colour and creativity and are an express of human emotions.

Ghoomar dance
This is basically a community dance for women and uses simple swaying movements to convey the spirit of any occasion. There is however an amazing grace as the skirts flare slowly while the women twirl in circles, their faces covered by a veil.

Terah Tali
The terah tali is a fascinating dance performed by women, while sitting. The women have manjeeras (little brass discs) tied with long strings to their wrists, elbows, waists, arms, and a pair in their hands as well.
This fascinating kalbelia dance is performed by the women of the kalbeliya community. The dance movements and the costumes bear resemblance to that of the serpants.

Fire dance
Kathak academy An authentic fire dance is performed by the 'jasnathis' of Bikaner and churu districts. The accompanying music rises in tempo as the dance progresses, ending with the performer dancing on brightly glowing embers.

Chari dance
This dance requires a lot of patience and balance. The dancers carry brightly lit brass pots on their heads, displaying many flexible movements of the body. It is a dance of special occasions

Artists balance eight to nine pitchers on their head and dance simultaneously.

Aag Bhavai
Aag bhavai is presented with several earthen pots on the head that are lit with fire.


Folk elementary 3 months
Folk advance 1 year
Customized classes are also available (for competition and occasion)
Customized Wedding Packages
Theme based preparation for Ladies Sangeet