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Kinkini for International Students
Kinkini's program for international students offers training in Kathak, Folk dance , music and puppetry through specialized short or medium term courses specifically created for those interested in the Indian arts. Kinkini also offers capacity building in the form of workshops for teachers, curriculum building & evaluation, and other related services.

Understanding India through her Arts and Culture
kinkini's program for international students offers short or medium term courses of Kathak, Rajasthani folk and puppetry.


  Folk Dance

Rajasthan has a wealth of folk dance which is alive in its many villages and towns. This course will take the students on a virtual trip across Rajasthan to introduce them to dance and music traditions from different districts. It will introduce them to the festival or occasion when the dance is done, its religious or social relevance, the meaning of the clothes worn and associated information on other aspects like food, fasting or rituals. Students will be required to learn three dances like Ghoomar, Chari, Kalbeliya, etc .
Duration of the course : 20 days to one month

  Kathak : An introduction

The Indian classical dance is one of the prominent representations of our ancient rich heritage and culture in the world. Kathak, north Indian style of classical dance characterized by rhythmic footwork danced under the weight of more then 100 ankle bells, spectacular spin, and the dramatic representation of themes from Persian and Urdu poetry along side those of Hindu mythology.
Traditionally, Indian stories are told through movement and dance, with great emphasis on expression and hand gestures. Using the body as a medium of communication, dance is perhaps the most intricate and developed yet most easily understood art form.
This course is a historical look at the development of Kathak styles, costumes, music, and current status, new directions in the styles, present performers of note and the differences between the styles. Students will view and discuss films of great performers and performances and see live demonstrations of each style.
Duration of the course: 20 days to one month

  Instrumental Music

Rajasthan - the most colorful State of India. From time immemorial this state has poured into the lives of millions of Indians a stream of soul stirring rhythms and resonance. This course offers beginners or more advanced students the study of the Rattling Instrument Khartaal The Autophonic Instruments Manjeeras , flute, and percussion instruments – dhol, dholak, tabla, matka and harmonium.
Duration of the course : 1 month

  Traditional Indian Puppetry

Rajasthan has a long tradition of string, glove and Rod puppets. The puppet is a popular source of amusement. A community of agricultural laborers called "Bhat. Traditionally associated with the art of puppetry and originally inhabiting the areas around Nagaur in the Marwar region, travels all around the countryside in Rajasthan. This course will teach students the art of making and operating puppets from Rajasthan.
Duration of the course : 20 days

  Creative Yoga

Dance Therapy prepares you to step into the "Dance of Life" A Self development method which imparts teaching through the crafts and skills of yoga and kathak dance while employing methods of improvement as a person. The greatest art among all the arts is 'How to live.' The increasing tendency towards isolation and growing estrangement in our society often results in emotional, mental and physical illness. 'kathak yoga', which he describes as a "union between the mind, body and soul" and an excellent "form of a cardio-vascular exercise". Based on the concept of "innovation within tradition", Anita Ordia has explored the boundaries of kathak technique and performance and come up with kathak yoga in which a dancer recites a chosen 'tala' (rhythmic structure), recite the bol and the 'theka' (language of the drum) of the tala, while practicing precise complicated foot-work. Yoga and dance helps an individual to change his thinking pattern and thereby relieve him or her from negative emotions and psychological complexes.
Duration of the course: 20 days to one month