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About Kinkini

Dance Academy A premier cultural institute of the country, Kinkini is primarily a cultural voluntary organization registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1958, 1991-92 and tax exemption of Income Tax department, Govt. of India's Act 80G ,12A; and has been recognized by the Ministry of culture, Government of India. With great potential to promote, propagate and dissemination of Indian art and culture in its different facets. The organization organizes a large number of quality cultural programmes involving the classical, artistes, puppeteers and Dramatist but tribal and folk artistes too. It has made significant contributions in this direction. This effort has expressed itself mainly in two directions: the College of Music and Dance, and the Performing Arts Section. It gives equal opportunities and creates a healthy environment for organization of cultural programmes for one and all and ensures that the continuity of the traditions of different art forms is maintained. The main objective of this organization is to conduct studies, research, performances, workshops, seminars, training on classical and folk art, music, dance theatre, puppetry, etc to revive vanishing art forms.

Eminent directors

Kinkini has embarked on objects of organizing the rich tradition of the "GURU-SHISHYA" Parampara through the workshops of Dance, Music and Drama and performances of Gurus and their Shishya.

The organization conducts "Art in education" programme, which is based on non-conventional education system. It also prepares the children and their parents especially in rural areas, for formal education.

The academy offers trainings in Kathak, Rajasthani folk, bollywood, contemporary dance, drama and film acting. Eminent gurus and directors of these disciplines supervise the teaching programmes to help the students excel in their subject of study. The Performing Arts Section is engaged in performing all over the country and abroad. Kinkini today is a Centre for artists committed to excellence, innovation and the excitement of using the arts for change. Kinkini's vision is a contemporary symbiosis affirming the role of creativity in culture, researching into our origins and reaching out to the unsaid or unthought-of, with a language that is universal.